Dyn-o-mat is dyn-o-mite

Whether you’re a grease monkey, a hobbyist, or a messy eater, the dyn-o-mat can protect your home, garage and Earth from any spill. Think about the times you cursed as you spilled paint on your hardwood floors or oil and antifreeze as you tried to save a few $$ and change the oil yourself. Maybe your barbeque splatters grease and grime all over your travertine. These disposable (intended for incineration, not landfills) mats can be laid down underneath you so you can avoid the self-flagellation and apologies.

Made out of environmentally sensitive polypropylene, a 3 x 7 foot mat can absorb 2 gallons of oil. As it stands, it can absorb any liquid you throw at it including gasoline, battery acid, paint, paint thinner, etc… They have various sizes and will even make floor tiles out of it. It seems to be intended for use in the garage, but one can imagine thousands of uses for such a thing.

The same company vows to save the environment through products such as this one and others (including a proposed gel that can be air-dropped into a hurricane to slow it down). I’ll be giving my mat a test this weekend with some industrial paint.

2 thoughts on “Dyn-o-mat is dyn-o-mite”

  1. “environmentally sensitive”….
    -absorbs 2 gallons of oil (battery acid, paint, etc)….
    -intended for incineration

    how short sighted can it get?

    (could be 2 gallons of spaghetti sauce as well, but still…)

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