Energizer unveils two new chargers

energizer-charger.jpgEnergizer is a name synonymous with alkaline batteries, and I personally prefer it over the bunny hopping Duracell due to its design and mascot. It is also the No. 1 selling brand when it comes to NiMH products, and has recently announced the introduction of a couple of systems that will make their way nationwide in due time. These new chargers aim to forge a new path when it comes to rechargeable batteries with the Energizer DUO and Energizer Family Charger.

The company is targeting the younger generation with the Energizer DUO charger that is more than capable of meeting the high standards of a portable power user. The DUO takes in two AA or AAA NiMH batteries simultaneously and is capable of giving these batteries a full tank of juice in as little as two hours via any available USB port. In the event where a USB port is unavailable, you can always hook up these chargers into a wall outlet for a quick charge. In addition each $13.99 purchase comes with two AAA 900 mAh NiMH batteries along with an interactive, customizable computer software that enables the user to monitor the charger’s progress on-screen, although I doubt anyone has that much time to kill. Besides, that’s as exciting as watching your hard drive being defragged.

The Energizer Family Charger on the other hand targets busy families who have plenty of battery demands. All the users need to do is drop the exhausted batteries inside and close the lid, letting the charger get to work automatically without being told to. This device has a capacity of 8 AAA or AA batteries, two 9V, four C, and four D batteries, enabling you to juice up a wide variety of batteries simultaneously. The Energizer Family Charger comes with a recommended retail price of $29.99 and does not ship with any batteries.

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  1. Why do you call it the “Bunny hopping Duracall” when the Energizer mascot is the “Energizer Bunny”?

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