Load-Thing, a simple answer to an everyday question

by Fred

The Load-Thing, it does the one thing everyone always needs and never really has,Load-Thing

a simple way to charge your electronics.

I really like the design and simplicity of the “Load-Thing” (I’m sure it sounds really cool in German). It simply folds into shape and holds your iPod, Game Boy, PSP, Mobile, or whatever you need to charge (that doesn’t weigh too much).

Also, it has the really cool knack of being able to be shipped flat in an envelope, and you don’t need any tools to put it together! This is one really clever design.

One issue to note, is that it looks like it fits Euro style plugs a bit better than US plugs, but a real test would tell the truth on that (anyone own one yet?) Get to it, they only cost 9.90 Euros.Load-Thing


Thanks Core77

Via Crave

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elSingular Says: April 13, 2007 at 10:30 am

Cuida de tus gadgets mientras se cargan

El Load-ding es una de esas cosas que una no se compraría nunca, pero si por casualidad alguien te lo regala, te sorprendes al ver lo práctico que es.
Tras esa definición han podido pasar por tu cabecita friki multitud de gadgets, …

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