J.W. Marriot techs up

marriot-plugin-room.jpgFrequent travelers know that J.W. Marriot’s line of hotels offer nothing but the finest in all aspects, and the hotel chain has gone one up on its competitors by keeping up with the times in terms of technology, offering “ultra-adaptable” rooms that definitely puts a regular room to shame. These new suites come furnished with a Plug-In Panel that is smart enough to detect virtually any device you attach automatically. The list of compatible devices are far and wide, ranging from MP3 players and iPods to digital cameras, notebook PCs, and even DVD players. A 32″ widescreen LCD display rounds off the ultra-adaptable room’s function by offering split screen views that enable you to work on your computer while keeping up with the latest in news simultaneously.

The Plug-In Panel is also smart enough to handle all input by itself, detecting the particular device hooked up to it and adjusting its settings accordingly. In fact, it is so easy to use that anyone who has had experience with hooking up a USB device won’t find any problem with this setup. There is also a variety of compatible component input types including component audio/video, s-video, digital video, and PC-video along with 4 power outlets and phone and Ethernet jacks.

Unfortunately, the major drawback at the moment would be the obvious lack of USB inputs that is essential to any road warrior. Other than that, there isn’t really anything to complain about with regard to Marriot’s attempts to make the well equipped road warrior feel at home. Another interesting feature in these suites are the drawer safe that comes with an embedded socket to keep your valuables charged when stored.

Source: Gearlog

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  1. I’m actually in a Marriott (San Juan) that has these installed — they’re cool, but the only thing I like is the 4 outlets. Unlike usual ones, where you can only use 2 of the 4 outlets if you have power bricks, the outlets are separate and in different directions so you can actually utilize all 4 of them.

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