The evil Banclock

by Mike

The evil Banclock
One day, when I have the ridiculously large disposable income (it’s getting there. . . :)), I’m going to start my own wacky clock collection. We’ve already got plenty of them at CG, so I guess I might as well add one more. Besides, the more the merrier in my collection. I like the Banclock because of how ridiculously evil it is. It won’t shut up until you give it a little motivation to do so. It prefers coins.

No joke. This lovely beauty won’t give you a moment of peace until you compensate it for the arduous task of waking your lazy self up. Now, you’ll probably get the hang of this rather quickly– you’ll keep the change by the bedside and quickly pop one in before you wake up all the neighbors. I just pity you on that night you crawled into bed, exhausted, forgetting to leave a coin by the bedside. That’s not exactly the best way to start a day off, especially after that tough night you had. I really hope the BanClock comes shipped with a extra, hidden 9V backup battery for when you sneakily unplug it, hoping to stop the awful noise, but it won’t stop because it’s evil. That would just be cruel.

If you somehow purchase a BanClock as an actual alarm clock, I don’t think it’ll last very long. In the end, it’ll end up in the garbage can or cracked open when you’re in need of a few bucks. $50 and it’s Japan only.

Product Page – [via Popgadget]

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