Make your coffee with air

Aeropress Aerobie Coffeee Maker
I’m not really a coffee kinda guy. I prefer my Diet Cokes in the morning, and I can give you quite the list of why it’s worlds better than coffee, but that’s for another day, as this post actually caters to the people who love their coffee in the morning and every other hour of the day. And I realize those people most likely have their own super fancy $900 coffee machine already, but for those who don’t, they might like the Aerobie Aeropress coffee maker.

The actual process of making your coffee is sped up quite a bit. In total, it’ll be a good 30 seconds, once you’ve mastered the art, for you to prepare a nice cup of joe. Yet, one point they failed to consider is the time required to get hot water because last time I checked, most people prefer their coffee hot. If you’re at home, you’ll have to boil water and if you’re in the office, that’s a trip to the kitchen. Anyhoo. . . Brewing is a two part process. For the first 10 seconds, you mix the grounds and water together, then for the other 20, you use air pressure to push the mix between a micro-filter. After that, you’ve got yourself a perfect cup of coffee. And while this will taste pretty good, each time you want another cup it means another 30 seconds of which, which isn’t long, but having to do that 10 times a day (some people do that you know) gets tedious.

For $30 or so, the Aerobie Aeropress coffee maker is yours along with a years worth of micro filters. The Aeropress site lists plenty of stores (both retail and web) that sell the maker themselves and extra packs of filters.

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