Things I think I believe, show me wrong.

Things I like to write about:

A MacBook Pro Tablet (my dreaming continues).

Sports gadgets, stuff to play with!

Medical Gadgets, (things to keep us from dying,, it’s annoying)

Military gadgets (they have huge budgets and get to paint things in olive drab yet they still look cool)

Cool mixes of technologies, ahh the peanut butter and chocolate of tech, by far my favorite.

Personal organizing technologies, GTD’ers to the rescue!! Hey where’d you get that survival kit/pda?

Cool interface technologies, (get your head out of the gutter)

Science that can bring about sweet new technology in many years (the sooner the better). Maybe a new parenthesis machine for me, as I tend to monopolize them (don’t you think?)

Robots that do cool stuff. Where’s my beer iRobot!? Why are you not making that robot now?!

Things I hate:

“Art projects” by some “technologist” who is in art school that has managed to cobble together something that will never actually influence manufacturers into doing something nice for the planet or people.

People not understanding that concepts are actually concepts. Typically there’s no way to make them, and the people that could have a chance at making them will never spend the time or money to make them real, and they clearly lack the resources and ability to do so.

Things I can’t be bothered to care about:

Cell phones, iPhone included (though I think I might have secret lust for one) Make them do something fundamentally new aside from:

a. Getting smaller

b. Getting a bigger/smaller/no screen

c.Matching your luggage/jewelry/leopard print leggings

TV’s,, oooh, is it bigger? Is it HD? Until they start materializing beer I will continue to treat them as the Xbox-Wii showing/movie and sports displaying furniture that they are.

Blue Ray or not,, wait a year, then we’ll have an answer,, I’ve gotta go home and watch Star Wars on Beta,, oh, wait, no, I have a VCR and a DVD player, so no, (they were the winners).

New DVR/Tivo type things. Let’s work on proper convergence here people,, please reduce the number of boxes I need and I will thank and praise you. What’ll impress me? Make a home server, cable-DSL, router, wireless hub, voip base, massive hard drive, game console, integrated surround sound speakers (ok, it can be the base and there are two peripheral speakers tops), web-TV browser,HD-DVD-BlueRay player, that looks good in my home. Then I’ll get all excited, (Bill, Steve, are you listening, I’ll pay $1000 for it!!)

Thanks, I had to get that off my chest, otherwise there was going to be some exploding going on! What’s your favorite kind of tech news, help us help you. (it’s comments time people!)

Oh yeah, way to go Peyton Manning, tell Dan Marino to bite you, as well as three quarters of the media in the U.S.!moonites For those of you who don’t know who that is, he just won what we here in the U.S. call the super bowl, you don’t play it, kinda like rugby, very brutal. Why am I trying, you won’t watch anyway.

Tune in for Aqua Teen Hunger Force next season as they take on Al Queda!

2 thoughts on “Things I think I believe, show me wrong.”

  1. Good God, man! This post should be labelled with a warning: RANT!

    Things I hate to read:

    1. Some bloke’s rantings about stuff he can do nothing about.
    2. Some bloke’s incomprehensible thoughts, all piled up in a mangled page that resembles a train wreck, but he tries to pass off as an article.
    3. Some bloke’s private joke (which he doesn’t explain for slow-witted guys like me)

    I hear you, about the server-that-does-everything, my brother. I just wish Santa Clause was in the hardwear production business…

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