Tamagotchi has now matured

tamagotchi-jinsei.jpgRemember the Tamagotchi craze that swept the world a decade ago? Back then I was still a kid who was wet behind his ears, and never really managed to save enough money to purchase one for my enjoyment, no thanks to my healthy diet of comics from Marvel and DC. Apparently it has taken quite some time for Bandai to realize what Nintendo knew all along – there will always be kids around. This enlightenment has caused Bandai to release a spanking new type of Tamagotchi that offers way more potential and enjoyment to owners throughout its battery-powered life.

The older Tamagotchis never really had much to worry about other than getting the right amount of tender loving care, some attention, and food and drink. These new ones have grown up, and just like how one enters the rat race to fend for him/herself, the new Tamagotchis are required to be treated carefully in order to snag a decent job when they reach adulthood. Sounds like an insane idea, but it is actually out in the market now, so if you have £12.95 to spare, why not head out to your nearest toy store and pick one up?

The Tamagotchi Jinsei does not only continue the circle of life by reproducing, it is also capable of having meaningful social encounters with other Tamagotchis, occasionally alerting your to fill its needs (such as food, love, and kindness), as well as requiring a nice office suit for the mad morning rush. There’s not much information available on the type of careers your Tamagotchi can hold, but it is interesting to see how the game takes a different twist with the inclusion of online games and the ability to swap information with other Tamagotchis via the integrated infrared function.

Source: Slash Gear

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