Waterproof cordless phone

uniden-wxi377.jpgHow many times have you missed an important phone call just because you’re giving yourself a good scrub in the shower after a long day’s work at the office? The next time your boss gives you this Uniden WXI377 cordless phone as a present, be wary. This means your superior is probably tired of the same old excuse you keep on spewing each time he/she tries to call you. Nobody bathes all the time, do they? This waterproof cordless phone meets the JIS7 waterproof specifications, enabling it to remain fully submerged for up to half an hour in a meter of water without running the risk of being spoiled.

Of course, being waterproof isn’t the only thing the SXI377 is good at. It floats when placed in water, making it the perfect poolside or bathtub companion. In addition, you get up to thirty caller ID memory locations and ten memory dial locations that go a long way in helping you keep track of missed and incoming calls. Targeted for use in wet conditions, the idea of placing side grips made from rubber is a good one.

The Uniden WXI377 comes with French and English menus, along with an earpiece and ringer volume control. You can even set it to mute if you don’t want your bathtime ritual to be interrupted. The WXI377 even caters to those who are wearing hearing aids as it won’t interfere with inductively coupled hearing aids. This is definitely one electical appliance which you cannot use to commit suicide in a bathtub. At $49.99, the Uniden WXI377 makes for an affordable gift to a housewarming party.

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