FlareSafe – The Essential Torch for Backpackers

Flare Safe

As you can probably tell I have a thing about gadgets,other than toys the gadgets I like most are those that can bring a real difference to peoples life’s (the life straw for example). The gadget to cross my path the FlareSafe could well be another real life saver.

The FlareSafe is targeted at backpackers though is useful for any traveller. On the outside it looks like an ordinary LED torch but it also incorporates a smoke alarm, which may not sound that exciting but it’s certainly useful. So if you sleeping in a hostel and a fire breaks out your torch will sound the alarm and switch on so that you can easily find it.

Another feature of the FlareSafe is a personal alarm, so if need to attract attention hit the button and be deafened by the 110dBA alarm (the LED flashes too to attract the attention of people that are stone deaf).

Thanks to Rob for letting us know about the FlareSafe and I wish Rob and hss company FlareBrands the best of luck in marketing this great and potentially life saving gadget.