Killer robotic insects?

by Dan

bee.jpgAccording to a Wired magazine article military forces around the world are starting to develop the so called MAVs (Micro Air Vehicles) to be employed on different types of military operations. “If you feel something crawling on your neck, it might be a wasp or a bee. Or it might be something much more dangerous.”

The MAVs will not be used for massive destructive endeavors but rather for specific and tactical missions, like getting inside buildings to destroy the power supply. Fred Davis from the Air Force Research Laboratory commented: “This means preventing the target from carrying out its mission, rather than destroying it (…) for example, can be put out of action by destroying its tires; a MAV can do this by squirting them with few milliliters of a catalytic de-polymerization agent, causing them to disintegrate rapidly.”

Apparently the British Special Forces already use MAVs for recognition missions. Those are called WASPs, they cost $3000 each. Isreal is another nation trying to develop MAVs. According to some newspapers they are using nanotechnology to create robots no bigger than hornets that are able to photograph, chase and kill military targets.

Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister commented to Reuters: “The war in Lebanon proved that we need smaller weaponry. It’s illogical to send a plane worth $100 million against a suicidal terrorist. So we are building futuristic weapons.”

It looks like in the near future we will have Terminator-like warfare going on, and this is not a comforting thought at all.

Reference: Wired and ABC News

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