WowPen offers ergonomics and protection against bacteria

wowpen.jpgErgonomics play a very big role in product design these days as computer users these days have wisened up and want something that not only functions well but look good simultaneously. The mouse has been a subject of many a streamline process, but the WowPen is definitely one of the more bizarre routes when it comes to design. This unique pointing device looks more like a joystick instead of your regular mouse, but the company claims that this design is meant to reduce the effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (note the word reduce and not eliminate).

The WowPen is available in three different models – The WowPen Eco, the WowPen Traveler RF, and the WowPen Traveler BT. RF and BT stands for Radio Frequency and Bluetooth connectivity for a wireless solution in your already cluttered desk. What makes the RF version stand out is the availability of 512MB or 1GB USB flash memory embedded inside the RF receiver, turning your pointing device into an instant storage solution in the process.

All three models are coated with silver nano technology which goes a long way in reducing the spread of bacteria, especially at public kiosks at your office. I doubt that the silver nano coating is going to last too long, but it does give a psychological advantage to the paranoid. Choose from silver, blue, violet, and red colors. There is currently no word on how much each WowPen costs, but they should make a pretty interesting gift to your colleague.

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  1. Beautiful design! Good to know you can combine design and ergonomics together

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