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beer-caddy.jpgIt is no secret that every single person here at Coolest Gadgets enjoy knocking back a pint or two after a hard day’s work. As we all know, the natural evolution of man will eventually turn him into a couch potato, fully equipped with an extremely large and rotund beer belly. Of course, all this is made possible only if there is a continuous supply of ice cool beer, but getting the nectar of the gods in the right temperature can be a tricky process. Thankfully, we have the Beer Caddy that will definitely come in handy this holiday season.

The Beer Caddy is a home appliance that ensures your beer remains perfectly cool at all times, eliminating the need for you to make your daily trip down to the neighborhood bar for a delicious draught pint. All you have to do is head towards the kitchen, turn the tap on, and start guzzling down the day’s stress. The Beer Caddy is capable of holding a 5-liter beer or soda keg, but we strongly doubt that anybody would purchase this and drink the latter instead.

The manufacturers of the Beer Caddy have also thoughtfully included a car charger into the package just in case you get a little thirsty on your travels. Made from stainless steel, the Beer Caddy measures 32″ x 20″ x 26″ and retails for $99.99. With this purchase, you can be assured that you will have a smashing Christmas and an extremely tipsy New Year! Now, it is time to stock up on those 5-liter kegs…

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