Super Computer To Fight AIDS

The Super Computer

This kind of super computer was revealed in South Africa with the intention to help scientists overcome serious diseases like AIDS and malaria, these are 2 big problems that kill a lot of people in that African country in case you didn’t know.

It is obvious that the computer can’t find a cure to AIDS, but it can help by speeding up the cycle of research, so instead of a problem and having to wait days/weeks/months to know the outcome of a possible solution, the researchers can simply input the data into the computer and create a simulation.

The machine was gladly donated by Intel Cooperation and inside of it there are 64 top-notch processors in 2 systems. All this hardware makes it a big super computer and the size is close to 4 refrigerators, the value of the unusual device is also big in proportions – $1 million.

But looking from another perspective, all this technology put together creates a great final product that can operate at speed of one teraflop – this means like one billion of mathematical equations per second, therefore it saves time and helps the much needed population.

Other good features of this extraordinary machine include:

  • reveal how disease jumps from one person to the next and then track its movement throughout the body
  • predict how the immune system of a sick person would react to drugs and analyzes the building blocks of life like genetic activity and protein structure for new medical clues

[source CNN]

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