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pimp2pimp-watch.jpgSo you think your $500 silk shirt looks spiffy on your Versace jeans and Hugo Boss shoes, but that look just ain’t complete without a watch that makes you outpimp even the high rollers at Vegas. Touted to be the first high quality LED watch in the world that makes use of 72 LED lights to tell the time, the Pimp Ain’t Easy LED watch from PIMP comes in a polished black or stainless steel body. This neat watch that looks extremely futuristic must be imported from the Land of the Rising Sun as you won’t be able to find it anywhere else.

You might take quite a while before getting used to telling the time on this unique timepiece though. For starters, the first vertical column tells the hour, while the subsequent rows must be tallied up for the number of minutes. Of course, this is made all the harder as your mathematical prowess must be up to par in order to tell the time quickly and accurately. When changed to date mode, there will be a large ‘D’ emblazoned at the top right hand corner and again with the first vertical column making up the month and the remaining rows being the date.

Then again, you didn’t pick up this $169 timepiece just to tell the time, did you? The main reason you wanted one was to impress those around you, as they try to crack their brains on telling the time. For the extra pimpin’ look, you would be happy to note that the watch will light up its LEDs in a spiral pattern every couple of minutes between 6pm till 1am, and what makes it cooler is this feature cannot be turned off.

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Metro Accessories Says: September 3, 2009 at 2:51 am

Hugo Boss had wayy better watch than that.

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