AmberWatch wails to protect kids


amberwatch.jpgAs any parent can attest to, bringing a child around a shopping complex can be quite a harrying experience, as one has to be extra alert to keep track of the child while wheeling a cart full of groceries and competing with other shoppers for the best buy items that are on sale. In addition to that depressing scenario, statistics show that in 2006 alone, approximately 1.3 million American children will be abducted, get lost, or end up being classified as missing – this means every 40 seconds a child will require some form of help or are in an emergency. The AmberWatch Child Safety alarm and watch is just the device to help you keep tabs on your child and offer some form of protection in case they get approached by strangers who are up to no good.

The AmberWatch comes with a couple of buttons that can be operated by kids as young as 5 years old. Pressing both buttons will activate a quartet of red lights and an alarm that will even send a banshee scurrying back to where it came from at an ear piercing 115 decibels. Chances are, whichever scum who intends to cause harm to your child will also take flight being the cowardly person that he/she is. The flashes of light and loud noise will continue for at least half an hour to 40 minutes and cannot be turned off by simply anyone, unless a simple coded sequence involving both buttons are pressed.

This fun design will definitely appeal to the younger ones, although older kids who are entering the teens will most probably shy away from it as they won’t want to be seen as a ‘baby’ in the eyes of their peers. Sharper Image is currently offering this great stocking stuffer for $29.95 a pop.

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