R/C Battling Sumo Wrestlers

by Tiago

R/C Battling Sumo Wrestlers

If you are the type of person that enjoys watching Sumo fights (like this one that lasts 30 seconds which is above the average), there is a new toy for you to play and practice – this will make you remember the fat peoples sport. It doesn’t have all the good techniques like the real sumo fighters have, nor does it weight a lot – it is more basic but the fun is still for real.

The Remote Control Sumo Wrestler package contains 2 fighters, there is a blue and angry one that looks to be smiling and likes to show all his teeth + a red that is screaming for help to take a dump like you can see on the image.

Each one measures 13-inches and about the weight problem, here are my calculations: they are inflatable so probably it is just a couple hundred grams. On the other hand, each Sumo needs a lot of energy (read 4AA batteries) in order to work, since one AA battery weights 23 grams (according to wikipedia) it means that one inflatable toy + 92 grams = 130 grams approximately.

To control your wrestler there is a remote control (duh) that has 2 buttons, I’m presuming that on the right side it’s the button to move forward while on the left button the Sumo guy can move backward while turning – this is the special trick to win all your fights.

And to make the fights more realistic, there are special voices that re-create what the Sumo referees say during the match, more exactly – “Hakke-yoi” and “Nokotta” – which in english means something similar to “keep going”.

PS – you can get the R/C Sumo guys for $40 at ThinkGeek.

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Moon Says: November 19, 2006 at 12:39 pm

Whoa! That video is one of the greatest sumos I’ve ever seen!

If I was in the crowd, I’d have been going crazier than even those Japanese fans! Wow.

Sumo Robots size each other up » Coolest Gadgets Says: December 1, 2006 at 12:08 am

[…] Remember the R/C Battling Sumo Wrestlers? Those were cute, with eternal grins plastered all over their mugs. Apparently, robots want in on some sumo fun as well with these R2-D2 lookalikes that go head-to-head (or wheel-to-wheel, depending on how you look at it) in a circular ring. Whoever knocks over his opponent first is a winner, and you are guaranteed to have tons of fun with this great party game (especially more so when you have incorporated some drinking elements inside). Each set is known as the DNA Robot Wars, and a pair will retail for £49.95, making it a budget Christmas gift that will definitely bring a smile on the face of its intended recipient. […]

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