The Hands-Free Sheet Music Library And Page Turner

Electronic Music Stand
If you are a real musician and have to use a music sheet during concerts, there is another choice instead of the usual paper sheet with the music info, I am talking about something digital that besides being able to display more than one sheet at once, it has other cool features that makes it a cool gadgets, just the type we like. It is called the Electronic Music Stand, or like Hammacher likes to call it, the The Hands-Free Sheet Music Library And Page Turner

This stand displays the desired information on a 12-inch LCD screen with a 1024×768 resolution, one of the cool things I previously mentioned is related with this screen – unlike what happens with paper sheets in which you have to turn the page yourself and waste a few milliseconds of attention, with the hands-free stand you just need to touch the screen or the foot pedal and the page will automatically turn to the next one.

If you want to practice a new music and therefore add the music sheet to the electronic music stand, this can be done in various ways:

  • scan a music sheet and transfer it
  • buy and download online
  • transfer from PDF or JPG formats
  • transfer from music software

On the inside of the device there are 128MB of RAM to make it run smoothly, and different ways to connect other devices like two USB ports to view/add more data; audio ports; and a mp3 player that is suppose to play on a perfect way what is written on the sheets.

It might be a cool gadget but its price screams expensive all the way, it costs $1,400 at Hammacher Schlemmer.

[found at TheRawFeed]

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