Jacket that is packed with technology

slopestyle-jacket.jpgWith the advent of miniaturization, you see more and more kinds of technology being implemented into various aspects of our lives, and it is just a matter of time before even our clothes get tacked on with all sorts of wiring. The Slopestyle Snowboarding Jacket is a prime example of the marriage between clothes and technology. If you own one of these puppies, you are able to upload all your favorite photos to the right top side pocket via Bluetooth/WiFi technology from devices such as a PDA or cellphone. In fact, you can also upload photos which are downloaded directly off the Internet and carry your favorite memories with you whenever you hit the snowy slopes during your snowboarding sessions.

The Slopestyle Snowboarding Jacket works in a pretty simple manner – you mail the photo from a camera cellphone to a specified e-mail account, where the e-mail is subsequently transferred to a local account on a web server. A PERL script will synchronize the proceedings and pull the images from the e-mail and display it on a WiFi-enabled PDA. The PDA features an HTML page that has a meta refresh tag so that you get to view new images as they arrive in real-time. Pretty neat, huh?

Unfortunately, the Slopestyle Snowboarding Jacket is currently in the concept stage, so we’re not sure if there is anyone willing to take up the task of mass-producing these so that skiers will be able to share photos of their children (and perhaps grandchildren) as they take the tram up to the top of the hill.

Source: The Gadgets Weblog

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