Fisher Price’s Kid Tough FP3 Player

by Mike

FP3 Player
Why not get your kid an MP3 player? As long as it keeps them occupied for 10 minutes, it’s worth a good amount of money. Fisher Price, a regular in the children’s toys market, is here to take your money with their new Kid-Tough FP3 (no typo!) player.

The design screams preschooler ready. You could probably though it against a wall, then give it a good stomp and it will still be working. Your preschooler may not be that violent, but it’s good to know a few drops won’t hurt.

Instead of text (because those preschoolers can’t read) the user interface uses icons to help kids recognize their favorite songs and stories. The 1.4” LCD is an OK size, but having color and being a bit bigger wouldn’t hurt. All buttons are extra-large and easy to push.

This unbreakable player isn’t any good without anything to occupy your 3 year old. For that, Fisher Price has an online store, affectionately named the Song & Story Online Store. There you can purchase hundreds of kid oriented songs and stories. To get you started, six songs and two stories come preloaded on the FP3 player, which can accommodate a total of 30 songs or 15 stories. Optionally a parent can add a SD card to copy over your own songs from CDs.

Kid-sized headphones with a volume limit already set come with the player. You also get a neck strap because it’s cool. For the boys, you can get the blue version, and for the girls, the pink version. Order your Fisher Price FP3 player at their online store or other retailers for $70.

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Laura Fisher Says: September 11, 2011 at 1:51 pm

I purchased my child a Kid tough FP# Player a couple of years ago and cannot find the instalation cd, If anyone could please help me I would greatly appreciate it.

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