Monitor your plants with PlantSense

It’s a fact of life: some people just aren’t good with plants. No matter what they do, and even if they have the automatic plant watering system, their plants always end up dead within a matter of weeks. If you think all you need is a little help when it comes to gardening, PlantSense is here to help you out.

The PlantSense steak looks like a regular garden steak, and it pretty much is, except for the sensors and USB port that is.

The sensors on the stake record data about your precious little houseplant. That data can then be transmitted to your computer through the USB port. Of course, there’s no point to having that data unless you have a way to view it, which is where the PlantSense website comes in. From there, you’ll be able to track your current plant’s stats along with a history of your plants that didn’t end up being so lucky.

Now, if these stakes were $10 for a ten pack, it would be a pretty neat gadget to have, but just one PlantSense stake will end up costing you $50. Personally, I’ve never come across a plant that is actually worth that much. To add to that, you only get a year of access to the PlantSense website, after that, although this isn’t official, you will probably have to pay.

PlantSense stakes aren’t available in stores yet, and I don’t think anybody will be rushing out to get one come Fall of 2007. Their website will keep you informed on product news and announcements.

[via Ubergizmo]