Docking Speaker System for cellphones


trust-cellphone-sound-station.jpgLet’s face the fact – there are more than enough iPod docks out there in the market which probably outnumber the population of a small country, and having yet another one released will not do anyone any good at all. A speaker dock for a cellphone, on the other hand, is entirely different as those are extremely rare in comparison with their iPod-toting brethren. Trust has taken up the task to offer the sidelined musical cellphone market a pretty decent alternative when it comes to playback of your favorite tunes for everybody to hear.

The Trust Sound Station SP-2985 is compatible with a wide range of musical cellphones from the big four (in no particular order) – Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung. You can now enjoy your portable music in the comfort of your room without purchasing an iPod with the Sound Station SP-2985. Not only does it play your digital music collection, you can even directly access the data on your cellphone when it is docked without using a special Phone-to-PC cable.

The Sound Station SP-2985 does not only act as a speaker dock, it also doubles up as a phone charger as well. You can even treat it as a hands-free speakerphone device whenever you’re busy typing out an important e-mail when a call comes in. Last but not least, if you already own and iPod and want to kill two birds with a single stone, the Sound Station is compatible with all digital audio players which has a 3.5mm stereo output.

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