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One of the things that worries me the most when going to university with my laptop is forgetting about it somewhere or maybe some funny guy can have the brilliant idea to steal it, not that it happens all the time but it can occur once every blue moon. To keep things safe and the devices the proper owners, I found a gadget that can be useful in some situations, it can’t be trusted in all scenarios or else you would have a real bodyguard protecting your stuff instead of an electronic device.

This bodyguard consists of 2 objects: a small and light clip that you attach to your laptop/mp3 player/cellphone/digital camera or any other small gadget you can think like a USB flash drive; and a small monitor that stays with you all the time. You can setup a maximum distance like 30 or 100 feet and if the clip that is tagged with your device passes that distance, the small monitor will alert you. In order to know if the monitor is working in coordination with the clip there is a LED system to confirm this, so you might want to double check before using.

There is the possibility to use more than one bodyguard at the same time with different devices since each monitor only works with the corresponding clip, also, the signal transmitted is one of a kind and won’t cause an interference with other wireless signals. There are small models that work with cellphones, mp3 players + other small devices; and there is also a bigger version for laptops and bigger gadgets.

When I think of this bodyguard in action I see 2 final situations, for example a person can forget a cellphone in a restaurant and after paying + leaving the monitor starts the warning alert because the distance limit was passed – you can either go back and recover the cellphone that was in the same place you left; or you can forget about it because someone already stole it. The tiny monitor will continue with the alarm but there is nothing you can do because there isn’t a GPS system integrated with the monitor to see where exactly is your device, actually this would be a good idea for an upgraded version.

The Bodyguard costs $40 at Herrington Catalog.

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