R2-D2 Robot responds to voice commands (and more)

R2-D2 Robot Replica
Just in case you are a Star Wars super fan – unlike myself – the following droid (image on the right) is certainly a familiar image in your mind, I’m talking about the little R2-D2 robot in case you didn’t understand it yet, the blue robot that appeared on all the Star Wars movies so far and never changed the appearance or anything else for that matter.

This R2-D2 replica is not as smart as the original, but it can do a couple of interesting things such as:

  • able to react to voice commands – this is probably a blessing from go because it’s the only thing that will obey your orders all the times, unless it runs out of batteries. There are over 40 voice commands that the R2 can obey, examples like “turn around” or “move forward two units” show his dedication to pleasure you.
  • capable of playing games because of the infra-red sensor – imagine the fun of playing tag with a robot, can you?
  • it can have a bad mood – this is actually a good thing because it makes you remember that humans exist, but on the other hand if you simply talk to R2 and say “behave yourself”, the bad mood will disappear.
  • Replay parts (audio only) of the star wars movies – the only thing missing is a built-in LCD & video player with all the movies and a touch-screen on the front to select which one to watch.

The best things stay for last so here it is: the R2 can dance and I bet he likes to use the robot style of dance. *laughs*

PS – It’s available at Hammacher and costs $120.