The self-destructing USB hub

Self Destructing USB Hub
Everyone’s seen those movies where there’s a bomb, and that little box with the key holes, switches, and the infamous plastic lid covering the big, red button.

It be great to have one of those boxes in your house, right? Of course, they’re cool, and have all sorts of buttons and switches to play with; they probably make noise, too!

The great self destruction USB hub, capable of entertaining you for a good ten minutes!

The box looks pretty authentic, there’s the three step process; the switches must be flipped, they key must be turned, and the button needs to be pressed!

After all that’s done, you’ll hear some sweet sfx to reward you for your efforts.

Don’t think for one second that batteries power this beast, oh no, it’s totally USB powered. And to make it even better, it also serves as a four port USB hub.

If you ever need some more USB ports, and have some desk real estate to sacrifice, the self destruction USB hub is the clear, brilliant, most obvious choice. There has to be some drawbacks though, and in this case, it’s the price. To get yours, it’ll cost you $63.

It’s still worth it.

Product Page [via gizwizbiz]