New Karaoke device hits Japan

ibm-karaoke.jpgJapanese love their karaoke, and the new Kyoku NAVI is guaranteed to elevate the social art of karaoke to the next level. This portable karaoke device is the result of a collaboration between IBM and Xing, and comes with a touch screen interface that enables users to browse through the list of songs in a simplified manner without shifting through page after page in traditional plastic files. The NAVI device also comes with wireless connectivity which enables one to update the latest playlist as well as stream videos for your viewing pleasure in order to shift your attention to the latest dance moves by Beyonce instead of fully placing your concentration on the caterwauling of your mate who can’t sing to save his life.

The Kyoku NAVI is waterproof, which is a good thing as karaoke rooms are more often than not dens for heavy drinking. Spilling water (yeah, right) on the device would be a disaster if it is not protected against liquids, so we guess knocking a glass or two of beer over the Kyoku NAVI in your drunken revelry will not stop the show. Registering for your favorite songs with the Kyoku NAVI is extremely easy, there is no need to write down your request on bits of paper to be handed over to the resident DJ. Unlike other Japanese products, foreigners will not be lost at sea as the Kyoku NAVI comes in English, Chinese, and Korean song searches as well.

If you’re wondering what other people were singing in the past, there is the History search function that lists down what songs were selected in the past. The search order can also be done in a chronological manner or through certain keywords, very much like what you do with Google. In addition, the Kyoku NAVI II device offers the added functionality of ordering food and drinks from the touch screen, making it easy to replenish those beers or when you’re too intoxicated to get your orders straight by talking. These new controllers will be released when November rolls around.

Source: Crunchgear