USBCell charges directly from USB port

usbcell.jpgWe all know what a pain it can be to run out of batteries on the go, rendering our digital camera useless at the most inopportune of moments. Fancy a rechargeable AA battery that does not require you to lug around a huge and heavy charging station? Enter the USBCell, a rechargeable battery that is capable of charging directly from any USB port without the need for using a charging station. This will definitely give you more luggage space when you travel while lightening your load simultaneously.

The USBCell from Moxia Energy is currently available in AA battery size, and the company has plans to expand the USBCell into a full range of sizes in due time to cater for cellphones, MP3 players, and custom digital camera batteries as well. Recharging the USBCell is extremely simple, all you’ve need to do is to pop open the lid and connect the USB end of the battery into any powered USB port and you’re good to go.

All in all the USBCell looks like a winner from all angles. What would really clinch the deal would be Moxio adding the functionality of a USB flash drive into the USBCell itself if its possible. You can pick up a pair of AA-sized USBCell online for £12.99 including delivery.

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