Eat a Take Away Gadget Style


Pizza ForkI’m a big fan of take-aways (which is likely the cause for me being mid diet, well that and beer), so these next two gadgets took my fancy.

First off is the Pizza Fork, it has all the poking functionality of a standard fork but incorporates a pizza cutting wheel, simply roll over the pizza to cut off a mouth sized portion (or you could just fold it and cram). The Pizza fork is available from Stupidiotic Productions (funny that).

The second gadget eating utensil is the knife and fork chopsticks. These chopsticks are designed especially for people like me who can’t eat quick enough with chopsticks and end up spreading the food all over the table. With these Chop stick Nife and Forkchopsticks when you get bored of playing with your food, simply turn them over and eat normally.

The knife and fork chop sticks are available from Cooking Enthusiast.

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