Browzar Updates

by Tiago


After severe critiques by almost every tech related blog on the net about the new “privacy” internet browser called Browzar, the software has been updated with a couple a unique interesting change.

One of the most criticized points, the search engine that provided sponsored results (without making it very visible) on the first 2 or 3 pages has been transformed into something else. Now it uses the engine, there are still sponsored links (which is normal in search engines) but now they are more visible – contain the word Sponsored Results under a light-blue background. These kind of links are usually visible on top of the first normal results only, but Browzar takes one step forward and includes them on the bottom of every page too.

The default homepage on Browzar – – can’t be changed which is a strange feature for a browser that offers freedom to surf the web. Not everything is bad, there is a fix for this issue provided by Roger Karlsson – you must download a hex editor and change a few settings.

Besides the search engine update there aren’t many other changes, unless I count the new funny stories on the Should’ve used Browzar section – I wonder how many people believe those.

Lets hope the next version is better, it is suppose to have tabbed browsing, right click options, keyboard shortcuts, and probably a way to change the homepage, or not…

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