Pool Gadgets – Series 3

by Tiago

Following the quest of finding gadgets for your pool to become better than a normal one, I bring you the 3rd series of Pool Gadgets. You might want to check the previous series – number one and number two – to see what you’re missing, there is stuff for everyone.

The first gadget is similar to many other pool floaters but it has one important difference that makes it a cool gadget instead of a normal gadget. The Motorized Pool Lounger comes with two little motors on the bottom of so you don’t have to paddle anymore, each motor has its independent joystick to give a better control. The floater itself is pretty big which is a good thing and having a cup holder makes it the almost perfect.

Motorized Pool Lounger

On the previous series I mentioned a good looking water resistant cooler, but that couldn’t float. The Big Bobber is like having a mini bar floating on the pool, it actually floats and can hold 12 beer cans and a bit of ice to keep the drinks cold. In case the cooler is at a great distance from you, use the motorized pool lounger to reach it. Make use your imagination if you don’t have a pool or can’t afford any of the gadgets, it’s what I do.

Big Bobber - Floating Cooler

And now something for the kids, it’s another item on the floating category. The Erupting Volcano is the titanic of the pool floaters, it can’t really explode on the middle of the pool like some might think, but it can simulate the eruption of a volcano by projecting water, just connect it to a garden hose and get ready to watch the show. There are several openings (4 on the side and one on the bottom) that helps the kids get on top of the volcano and have fun.

Erupting Volcano Pool Float


  • Motorized Pool Lounger – $138
  • Big Bobber Floating Cooler – $54
  • Erupting Volcano – $85

The prices include shipping and handling.

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