No burn stove

by Mike

Electrolux Infinite Cooking System
Imagine a stove that won’t burn you when you brush up against it, or touch it out of pure curiosity or when you’ve been dared to. (I know everyone has done it) Thanks to Science, this isn’t years into the future, just a couple of months.

The Electrolux Infinite Cooking System uses something we’ve all heard of in Science class, but don’t exactly remember what it is: induction. Instead of the stove being hot, the pot is.

The heated surface is only as big as the pot on the surface, meaning it adjusts for different sized pots. Pretty cool.

Another innovation is the “power boost” technology, which heats up extremely fast, but only takes a modest amount of energy. The all-digital controls allow you to set it to auto-shut off, or you can choose from one of the 15 digital heat settings.

Along with all these features that make it the envy of pretty much every kitchen, it looks very slick. Completely flat, with shiny edges, and those pretty digital displays. What more could you possibly ask for?

Although the Electrolux Infinite Cooking System isn’t available now, you won’t have to wait long, it should be available in the Fall of 2006, which is nearly upon us. The Electrolux site has the product page, and might be updated with a more specific release date, and maybe that ever important fact: a price.

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daniel Says: September 8, 2006 at 9:08 am

Sorry to hear this but in I had this at home since more than 10 years ago… Induction, power boost… This is currently the standard in Spain (and I think that in most Europe) but with 4 postitions instead of 5.

Price is from 300 € (near 400 $) up to 2000 €.

If you want one, feel free to check this Spanish brand:

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