The JukeMaster

The JukeMaster
Everyone has been to one of those old fashioned diners with the juke boxes at every table. I always loved playing with them, even if they were old and either had music I’d never heard of, or it wasn’t worth the quarter it cost to play.

No longer do you have to go to the diner just to use the jukebox, that is, if you own a JukeMaster! Your own personal, and modernized, jukebox!

The design of the JukeMaster looks pretty authentic, what with its polished chrome and all. You’d almost think it was from an actual diner. The fact that it’s clean, shiny, and not covered with bits and pieces of food kind of gives it away.

Your JukeMaster will come preloaded will all sorts of tunes from the 50’s and 60’s, all cataloged in those little pages you flip around to select your song. (100 in total)

When I said modernized, I actually meant it. In addition to the preloaded tunes, you can load up your CDs, MP3 CDs, or listen to the radio via the FM tuner inside (20 preset stations). You can even “stack” your songs, which is basically setting up a playlist. Another nice feature is the scrolling LCD display, which will show the tune’s name, album, and artist.

Be prepared to pay to get yourself a JukeMaster, it’s going to cost $250 for you to relive all those memories from back in the 60s when you were listening to whatever you listened to back then. If you’re willing to pay, the JukeMaster is available from firstSTREET.

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  1. I have a Jukemaster 100. The original cd and instructions have been misplaced and I cannot find them. The first song on the page list is Sugar Shack and the last song listed is Let Me In. I would like to purchase this cd and instructions. Also would like info on other cd’s.

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