Personal Metal Detector

Personal Metal Detector
If you’re a real security nut or maybe you just need a little bit of help finding the change you lost in the cushions, the Personal Metal Detector could be for you. The Hand-Held Personal Metal Detector is similar to the hand-held wands security personel might carry at an airport or other secure buildings except not quite as high quality.

It’s small enough for you to fit in your pocket and works very easily so you can give suspicious characters a metal-swipe before they come into your house ;). When the device is passed over a metal object it detects it by emitting a high-pitched tone as well as flashing a red LED indicator light to make sure you notice.

The metal detector is of reasonable power, however, as it can detect items as small as a 25-cent coin. That’s good news for you because you can find all of those deadly nail-clippers that airports think are so dangerous!

It is powered by a rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery which is recharged right from the scanner. There is also a De-Sense button and an ear-phone jack if you’re doing some stealthy metal-detecting.

If you want to start keeping a more secure home or just want to have some fun and scare a friend, the Hand-Held Personal Metal Detector could be just right for you. You can get one for $129.99 from SpyVille.

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  1. Heh, never thought of using it to find spare change around the house, but it’s a cool idea!

    A bit expensive though.

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