Outdoor Theatre Kit

by Mike

Outdoor Theatre KitIf you’ve already got every possible home theatre gizmo in your house, along with leather recliners and a pop corn machine, it’s about time you looked into getting some entertainment for the pool.

The Outdoor Theatre Kit is something you expect to see at a resort on poolside movie night, but why not get it for your own pool? It’s an air-sealed, inflatable screen. The electric air pump is quick: fully inflated in 4-5 minutes.

The projector is a Epson MovieMate 25, which will play DVDs as well as regular TV. All you need is two double A batteries to power the MovieMate. If you ever want to use it indoors, an 80” pull up screen is also included.

There’s also a pair of outdoor-grade loudspeakers for great sound quality. No need to worry about power, the speakers are totally self-powered. 30 feet of audio cable is included, that should be enough to reach your projector.

Both the 8’ and 12’ versions are 16 by 19 widescreen-format compatible, so you can watch all the HD content you can get your hands on, maybe even get some use out of that Blu Ray or HD-DVD player, maybe not.

There’s also a ground sheet, stabilizing nylon rope tie downs, and ground stakes. You’ll almost be able to watch a movie in a hurricane.

The Outdoor Theatre kit is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but remember, you’re getting the HD projector, speakers, and the two screens. The 8 foot model costs $2,000, while the 12 foot model costs $2500. Both are available from Frontgate.

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