The Coolest Shower


Aquagate ShowerThis has got to be the coolest looking and functioning shower I’ve ever seen the Aquagate.

Designed by Matteo Thun and Villeroy & Boch and inspired by Stonehenge, the Aquagate is one slick looking shower cubicle. Using a touch screen (inside and out) you are able to listen to music (your own MP3s or the inbuilt radio) and select one of the showers various programs, I liked the sound of the mist one:

Hot mist from above, cold mist at head-height, a ‘cool down’ programme that offers you coolness from top to toe, aroma and light therapy, a rain shower or a Scottish shower are all part of the extremely luxurious equipment level.

Unfortunatly I’ve not been able to find a price, which I find normally means it’s going to be exceedingly expensive. You can get further info over at Villeroy & Boch. [Found via CribCandy, thanks.]

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