Power Cop

Power Cop
Do you have kids that waste too much time playing video games or other electronic time-wasters? If so the Power Cop could be perfect for you. The Power Cop is a programmable power block which allows you to set a maximum amount of usage an electrical device can be used for before it is automatically locked.

The electrical device is plugged into the Power Cop, and the Power Cop is then plugged into the wall. Once the device is plugged into the Power Cop it is locked in and can only be unplugged by one of the two included keys so there’s no way to get a few extra minutes except maybe with a sledgehammer ;).

It’s also perfect for having day-of-the-week rules as well since each day can be programmed separately if you decide your kids can have more time on one day as opposed to another. A key is also required to program it and it is programmed in intervals of 15 minutes. It can also be set to unrestricted usage or simply turned off if you want to completely block all use of the electronic device.

The Power Cop has an internal battery which is used to keep the timer running and is recharged directly from the power line it is attached to so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out.

If you want to ensure your kids start spending more time on homework or other activities then maybe a Power Cop is the answer. You can order one for just $16.99 from Smart Home.

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  1. The Power Cop has worked well for our family. I have a son who is constantly trying to get more time to play video games. I was able to explain to him what the Power Cop is and how it is going to help him monitor the amount of time he spends on games. I catch him trying to tamper with the product, but from what I can tell he has not out-thought the product. This product is not completely fool-proof, but it has been very helpful.

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