Hydrogen Fuel Rocket

Hydrogen Fuel RocketThis is another one of those toys that I need to get (purely for educational purposes of course), the Hydrogen Fuel Rocket.

As cool toys go this has got to be right up there (literally). The Hydrogen Fuel Rocket is capable of souring up to 200 feet in the air, powered purely by hydrogen. Hydrogen is an eco friendly fuel and to produce the kit comes with Propellant Crystals (Citric Acid), simply mix these with water to produce your rocket fuel.

In order to launch your rocket you’ll need to find a large open space for the launch pad and then press the big red launch button (10, 9, 8,… countdown absolutely compulsory) and watch your engine ignite and thrust the rocket skyward.

The Hydrogen Fuel Rocket is available from Think Geek for a bargain $39.99.

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