Computer Rear View Mirror

by Liam

Computer Rear View Mirror
This gadget is quite self-explanatory, however it’s a great idea. If you’ve ever been startled by someone coming up behind you and reading what you have on the screen, especially if it’s not something you’d like them to see ;), then you could benefit from a rear view mirror on your computer. It easily hooks onto your monitor so you can have eyes on the back of your head while at your workspace.

You can pick one up for just £4.45 from Ministry of Gadgets.

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Random Good Stuff Says: August 5, 2006 at 8:24 am

Computer Rear View Mirror – Keeping the office check

This actually is very helpful, I think! No more colleague can sneaking up and surprise you while you check the latest entries of Random Good Stuff. Ever wished you had eyes in the back of your head? With the computer

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