Home Hot Dog Griller


If you saw the Pop-Up Hot Dog Cooker and wanted something a bit sleeker, then the Home Pride Ball Park Griller is for you.

The cooker holds up to four hot dogs at a time, and compared to frying, boiling, or microwaving it and getting a barely cooked uneven dog, you’ll get a juicy and well-done one. Plus, with the nonstick cooking surface, clean up is snap, just wipe the surface clean and you’re done! Any spilt oil will be caught by the detachable tray, which is also simple to clean. You’ll get the ballpark taste for about one tenth the price.

There’s nothing like a warm, crispy bun. The Home Pride Ball Park Griller has two stainless steel spikes that will make you the perfect bun without the guess work of using the microwave or oven.

The cooking process is fairly simple, simply turn the timer to 20 minutes, lay your dog on, and the unit will heat up, and cook the dog. Cooking dogs after the unit has fully heated up will only take about 8-9 minutes, and with the built in timer, there’s no guess work.

The cooker weighs 9.25 pounds and measures 13 x 7.5 x 5 inches, fit it just about anywhere in your kitchen.

The Home Pride Ball Park Griller is available in four colors, red, black, silver, and red, all priced at about $50, and it’s available from Gadget Universe.