Custom Image Golf Balls

Custom Image Golf Balls
This is a really neat service if you want to have personalised golf balls which you can get just about whatever you want imprinted on them! You can order from a range of top quality balls of varying brand names and have them custom-colored or even email in a photo of your choice which is put onto the ball.

You begin by ordering a number of balls of your choice from companies such as Titleist, Top-Flite and Nike. You can then choose colors for your ball, or opt to email a photo to them which you would like put on the ball as the logo.

Balls are ordered by the dozen and start from just $13.00 and up depending on the brand you want. Unfortunately, you can’t get full color images on the balls, however you can choose a primary and secondary color to use for your photo or logo so you don’t have to use just plain old black and white.

These would be a great gift to a big golf enthusiast and you could ensure they had the coolest golf balls on the course! This interesting service is available from Zipline Golf.

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  1. Personalized golf balls add a great touch to any company tournament or gag gift. Zipline Golf seems to go a good job making these personalized gifts.

  2. good idea, it is very useful to companies to promote their business.It should be one of the business idea.

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