Auto Faucet Attachement

Faucet SwitchWhy Washing your hands isn’t hygienic:

  • Finish on the loo
  • Turn on tap (faucet is one of those words that just sounds odd to me) leaving germs on the tap in the process
  • Wash germs off hands
  • Turn off tap wiping germs back on to hands

Not ideal but a solution is at via the DIY Automatic Water Faucet.

With an automatic tap, it will switch on when it detects hands are beneath it and automatically turn off when you remove your hands. This means you don’t have to touch anything bar the soap (hmm maybe you need automatic soap dispenser too) and water when you wash your hands so any germs will be washed straight down the sink and not be waiting for you when you turned the tap off.

When I started this post I’d found a simple DIY auto faucet attachment but for what ever reason I cannot find it again now. If you check out SmartHome they have an absolute load of different auto faucets (still think they should be called taps though).