Boostaroo Portable Headphone Amplifier

Boostaroo Portable Headphone AmplifierThe Boostaroo portable headphone amplifier, other than having a name which sounds like some rare form of Australian wildlife, is a headphone gadget that my mom would not approve of. When I was a teenager she was always worried about the volume level, of course I never had ear-buds just those cranium encompassing headphones that made the wearer resemble princess Leia. Boostaroo makes several models of amplifiers, two of which are capable of providing a whopping 400% increase in volume. Digital compression, enhanced spatial imaging and surround sound add to the experience. All models include a “splitter” which allows a friend to plug in so you can go deaf in tandem.

I must be getting old because I see a lot of commercials showing young couples in romantic poses lovingly sharing an iPod. This isn’t exactly my idea of romance but I guess it could work for those awkward first dates when you realize with horror that you have absolutely nothing in common and the appetizers haven’t even arrived yet. For these situations the Boostaroo would be ideal; watch your date’s eyes glaze over as you rev up to maximum power – although since you have nothing in common you will probably have to endure whatever lame music the not-so-significant other likes.

Get one from Boostaroo.


1 thought on “Boostaroo Portable Headphone Amplifier”

  1. Don’t be silly, you need a Revolution in your pocket.

    As we all know, wanting and needing something
    Are two different things. Right now, on my budget,
    I’m definitely into the need category for anything that
    I buy.

    So, do I need a Revolution?

    Maybe, maybe not.

    I can use it to save the battery on my iPod. How?
    Because with Revolution, I can play the volume much,
    Much lower on the iPod – which means my battery lasts
    Longer between charges. And that’s handy. Plus, replacing
    An iPod battery is mucho expensive, (like, over $100 and it means
    I have to send it in to do that, so I’m iPodless for a couple of weeks.
    Who needs that? So, anything I can do to put off that dreaded
    day is a good thing.

    Second, if I use it with my FM Transmitter in my car, I don’t get
    The dreaded “static drift” because the added power helps it to lock
    On to my station as I’m driving. Another good thing.

    And, using it makes my music sound better than ever. Richer, fuller
    Like I’m right on stage with the band. So, that’s a very good thing.

    And when I go home I can use it with my docking station or
    mini-computer speakers and get full stereo surrounds sound.
    Now I can dig that.

    Or, go to silent mode and just use it with my headphones. I get
    Home theatre sound out of this little iPod and my Revolution.
    A very good thing.

    And later, when I feel like playing video games, I can use it to hook
    Into my Xbox with my boyfriend and we don’t keep everyone awake
    While we game, yet we can both share kick azz surround sound effects.

    And I can use it on my PS2 or portable DVD player for a movie worth listening to
    When I travel. It even has the power to drive my Noise Canceling Headphones.

    My boyfriend Jake and I can use it on his motorcycle, as the two splitters allow
    Us to share and the 4x power gives us what we need to hear over road noise.

    Of course, if I add it as part of my disaster plan, (because I would definitely
    Want music if I had to live for ten days with no electricity, heat, or water,)
    then it just jumped into the “need category”. Since the Revolution is battery
    Powered – all I have to do is pick up and extra batteries and I can listen to
    My music and news while the rest of the world gets its act together.

    Yep, no doubt about it. I need a Revolution in my pocket.
    So does my boyfriend.

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