The Easy AeroGarden

Aero GardenAre you too lazy (like me) or too forgetful (like me) to maintain your own garden? Then the AeroGarden may be the perfect thing for you!

The AeroGarden is a completely self-sustaining garden that is 100% organic and requires little maintenance. You don’t need any gardening experience whatsoever, and you don’t need to ever worry about weeding it or cleaning it up. It’s also designed specifically for indoor use as it requires no natural sunlight with its built in plant-lighting system, which you don’t even need to turn on or off because of its computerized timing system.

Even the things you have to maintain, nutrients and water, are dead simple to do. Whenever your AeroGarden is low on water or nutrients, you are automatically alerted by it’s sensory system. Easier yet, is how you start your garden. Pre-seeded grow pods are provided for 24-hour germination which are dead easy to plant. The microprocessor can even adjust nutrient and water levels to suit the type of plant you’re growing. The roots are contained in an Aeroponic Optimizing Chamber to allow for perfect and maximum growth.

There are six kits to choose from for your Aerogarden: Salad Greens, Gourmet Herb, Chili Pepper, Cherry Tomato, Cascading Petunias, and International Basil. Each package comes with the Aerogarden unit, 2 daylight spectrum bulbs, and one free seed kit of your choice, totalling $149.95. Extra kits can be purchased for $19.95.

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2 thoughts on “The Easy AeroGarden”

  1. Believe it or not…this thing actually works! I purchased a couple of these a few months ago from the AeroGarden Store ( because everyone else was backordered…I think everyone is backordered now too. But overall, this is an awesome product and would be a great gift for anyone living in a cold or cramped place with no sun, and no room for a garden of their own.

  2. I got one of these for my anniversary. I agree with KingNothing. They are really cool little gadgets. I’m growing salad right now, and the seeds sprouted after the first day. I want to get a whole Aerogrow farm setup. 😀

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