PatrolBot the Robotic Rover

iPatrol Robots

This is a pretty cool robotic surveillance system, guide the PatrolBot round once via a remote control joystick and then let it room and patrol your premises.

Motion Tracking BotThe PatrolBot transmits back video of what it sees (well films), and tracks onscreen any interesting objects (or intruders) it comes across, you can even have the bot notify you and see “footprints” of people walking in the dark past the bot. And you can tell the bot what to say when it detects someone walking by!

You can find full details on the PatrolBot over at Mobile Robot.

1 thought on “PatrolBot the Robotic Rover”

  1. If I were a burglar, I would forget everything else and I would steal the PatrolBot instead!!! Ok, I would use a spray to his “eyes” first 🙂

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