The Family Doctor electronic massage gadget

by Paz

Family Doctor model

The “Family Doctor” is an all in one home therapy gadget that claims to be able to do a whole host of relaxation treatments for conditions that can be helped by the massaging effect of electrical stimulation of the muscles.

Simply select the therapy or mode you want the device to operate in (detailed below) and choose an intensity level. The LCD screen will indicate which part of the body to attach the pads, as demonstrated here. Set a recommended time period and all you have to do is lie back and bust away the stress of a long day!

The device works in the following modes:

• Massage

• Hammering

• Acupuncture

• Nephropathy

• Cupping

• Scraping

I’d never heard of “nephropathy” so I had to google that one. Apparently it’s a kidney disorder common in diabetic people and it’s acknowledged that massage can help with some of the symptoms, especially headaches – but I’m certainly no expert!! When I looked up “cupping” I found lots of terms relating to acupuncture-like treatments to remove toxins.

This gadget costs £30 and appears to claim a lot of therapeutic functions. But if the massage function alone works, I’m sold!

The Family Doctor.

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