Computers to Catch Workers Napping

Computers to catch you nappingWhen I first read about computers detecting when workers are dozing off on the job it felt a bit big brotherish (Which starts tonight, [sarcasm] great [/sarcasm]).

I remember when I worked in a bank and had to go into huge storage rooms to sort cheques, I was often woken up by my falling fowards. If a computer could of detected that I’d of been moaned at a lot more often. However in many occupations this sort of technology could be a real life saver.

Researchers are currently experimenting on miners (that probably sounds worse than it is) with computers that monitor their sleepiness. By monitoring how well a truck is being driven they can tell how awake the driver is (or how crap a driver they are). This means remedial action could be taken before a truck carrying hundreds of tonnes of coal goes off the road.

If trials prove successful this sort of technology could be really useful throughout the transport industry and who knows could even be used in consumer vehicles.

If they ever invent a computer that can catch workers browsing I’ll be in deep doodoo 🙂

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