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Tights with Caffeine
We all know that drinking too much coffee is bad for us, but that taken in moderation, it can be quite beneficial. Moderate doses of caffeine boost the metabolism, thereby helping our bodies fight the flab. Now there is a way of getting your daily caffeine fix by wearing it.

There is now a way we can control our caffeine intake by wearing Palmers “Slim Fit 20” caffeine tights (well ladies at least anyway!). Another side effect of wearing these tights on a daily basis is an approximate loss of around 2cm from the thighs, reduces the appearance of cellulite and the dreaded “orange peel” effect – bonus!

The way the tights work is that body heat releases caffeine microcapsules into the leg, thus promoting the metabolism to kick in and start fat burning. According to the makers, results should be apparent in about 1-4 weeks, but they do say they may not work for everyone. Even so, I think most women will be keen to give the “Slim Fit 20” caffeine tights a go. Costs are around £27 for a pack of 3 “Slim Fit 20” caffeine tights in either black or skin colour and are available exclusively from

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