A Fashionable Coffin


Sleeky Smooth CoffinWe’ve featured digital tombstones on Coolest Gadgets before but this is the first time we’ve ever posted about a coffin. The UONO coffin is probably the most fashionable coffin in the world (though you’d still not want to be seen in it).

The UONO is designed like a cocoon, so there are no corners and just a very smooth outer case. Even the handles are recessed so as not to spoil the overall look. It’s not just in the looks department that this coffin stands out, it’s also lighter than conventional coffins so easy to manoeuvre and biodegradable so you’ll be effectively helping the planet when you leave it.

[UONO found via New Launches, ispy2]

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Paz Says: April 27, 2006 at 11:41 am

It’s horrible… haha. I wouldn’t be seen dead in that thing!

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