The Self Inflating Flash Drive

Inflating Flash DriveFinally a USB flash drive that isn’t boasting to be the biggest in capacity or the smallest in physical dimensions. The flashbag is a flash drive with a difference as it inflates to show how full it is.

It’s a cool idea, simly plug the drive into your PC, copying files over and watch the bag inflate. The flashbag would stay inflated after being unplugged, providing an instant indication of how full the drive is.

At the moment the flashbag is just a concept product but it would be cool if a company actually released them :).

[flashbag found via blog.scifi, Random Good Stuff]

1 thought on “The Self Inflating Flash Drive”

  1. That is so pointless that it would be awesome to have. 😀

    Gah, I’d be the coolest kid in school. 😛

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