Football Voodoo Doll


Football Voodoo Doll
Being a big football (proper football AKA soccer) and a Newcastle United supporter this season has been a bit difficult, though I do get a bit of consolation sitting next to a Birmingham City fan :). I’m looking forward to the World Cup and have seen a (sort of) gadget that could guarantee England Victory, the FooTooKit or in English the Football Voodoo Doll.

The Football Voodoo Doll comes complete with a doll (obviously), a flag for each competing nation in the World Cup which can be affixed to the doll’s jersey and finally the all important voodoo needles. So if your team seems to be under the cuff a bit, whip it your voodoo doll, fasten on the appropriate oppositions flag and stab away. Brings all new meaning to having pins and needles in the feet.

Be warned the doll is available from Germany so it may be booby trapped not to work on German players ;).

[Found on I4U available (in April) at Fussi Deluxe.]

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